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Operating primarily out of the Carterton Keinzley AgVet store, the Keinzley Veterinarian Solutions team consist of:

Caleb King, Wairarapa Farm Vet at Keinzley Veterinarian SolutionsCaleb King BVSc, MVS (hons)
CertAg, MANZCVS (epi), Managing Director

Caleb is a senior veterinarian with Keinzley Veterinarian Solutions. In his heart Caleb is a farmer; he grew up on a Northland farm that had a wide range of species and was quite remote so the ability, and importance of taking care of animals with limited resources was instilled an early age.

Leaving school at 15, Caleb attended Northern Polytechnic in Whangarei and was placed into the farm cadetship program, which culminated in a Certificate in Agriculture. The placement was into a modern dairy farm, with cows housed in bad weather, and an active participant of dairy industry good programs for dairy farms. Caleb learnt a lot about intensive dairy farming, grazing management and value of being part of ongoing community projects that improve the life of animals and farmers. The interaction with the local dairy veterinarian gave inspiration for him to choose to go to veterinary school, and the removal of subsidies with "Rogernomics" provided an added incentive to upskill.

Caleb had the good fortune to attend Massey University where he met his future wife and got the Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree. He was member of the class that graduated in 1993, learnt an amazing amount in the space of five years and made some lifelong friends.

Caleb worked in mixed practice initially, then after five years he decided to do further study and started a Masters in Veterinary Studies at Massey University. Whilst doing the masters degree, Caleb worked for Massey University as a study director responsible for GCP and GLP studies, then joined the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as a disease investigator, working for the National Centre for Disease investigation at Wallaceville.

Caleb worked as an exotic disease investigator for MAF – now the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) for ten years, then came back to clinical practice, to work locally here in the Wairarapa. He is very good at disease investigation, enjoys learning, likes helping people and cares a great deal about New Zealand agriculture and the welfare of animals in New Zealand. He has excellent knowledge and training in the recognition and management of important diseases. Current projects include leptospirosis, reducing somatic cell counts and milk quality in dairy herds, pestiviruses in ruminants and comparing pre-lamb parasite control options for sheep farmers.

Caleb is good at finding practical solutions to disease problems. He excels at working up difficult cases and establishing the cause, and providing a program that will either remove it from a farm or prevent it happening again.

Outside work, Caleb is a happy father, and husband, a musician, hockey player and coaches hockey for children at school and regional level..


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